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Marine equipment


Dasic Marine Ltd – tank cleaning machine
Falch Gmbh – high-pressure cleaning machine from 100-3000 bar
RMF Systems and Solution

Spare parts


On request we are able to offer ship pumps for a wide range of applications, electric motors, compressors, electric equipment, separators, spare parts and required documentation.

Brochures and Catalogues

We are a representative of Danish company RMF & Solution, legal entity of Des-Case which has been designing and manufacturing filter systems of indirect (off-line) filtration for filtering and separating oil and diesel fuels, which can be used in general industry, mining industry, windmills, shipping industry and off-shore. In addition RMF offers different Air Conditioners and Breathers.

RMF & DES CASE offer breathers which strip the surrounding air of contaminants, both moisture and dirt, to keep lubricants running clean and dry.

Parker Laser Particle Counter CM20

We are equipped with Parker Laser Particle Counter CM20 for the quick and effective analysis of oil cleanliness (ISO standard 4406 and NAS 1638) and the determination of oil viscosity and its water content.

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